Mike Adams on Vaccines: Orac’s Corollary to Poe’s Law strikes again

A frequent lament of members of the anti-vaccine movement is that they are not “anti-vaccine” but rather “pro-safe vaccine.” they like to claim that they are not opposed to vaccines in general. Of course, in many, if not most or even all cases, that denial is either a lie or self-delusion. After all, even the most die-hard anti-vaccine zealot realizes that being anti-vaccine is quite correctly viewed by the vast majority of people as not rational.

That’s why, in a perverse way, I’m thankful for loons like Mike Adams. Yes, Mike Adams. He lays the crazy out in a way that no one else does. But as utterly insane as his ravings are, at least Mike Adams is honest. Besides being pro-quackery, he is anti-vaccine and proud of it, so much so that he produces videos like this one, entitled Vaccine Zombie:

Mike Adams describes it thusly:

Check out the new Vaccine Zombie video and song, now viewable on www.NaturalNews.TV and YouTube.com (see links below). Featuring an animated cast of dancing zombie characters, “Vaccine Zombie” is the latest hip hop single we’ve put together to feed your edutainment craving. Combining “entertainment” with “education”, this new video uses humorous song lyrics to explore the negative side effects of vaccines, which are now scientifically known to produce seizures, vomiting, fevers, narcolepsy and even death in children and teens.

Apparently, Mike Adams had planned on releasing this video intentionally to coincide with the beginning of the annual flu vaccine season but somehow decided that the vaccine industry had “started its propaganda campaign early and that he had to begin his anti-vaccine campaign early.

Unfortunately, the production values of this video and song are far higher than those of the last bit of anti-vaccine music that I lambasted, namely The Refusers and their tunes Vaccine Gestapo, Get Your Mandates Out of My Body, and We Don’t Want Their Flu Vaccine. The animation is actually pretty good, and the parts with the zombies dancing are intentionally reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The tune is mildly catchy. The lyrics, however, are moronic, even by Mike Adams usual low standards. For example:

When I took the shot then my face turned blue
I started feelin’ hot inside but I didn’t have a clue what to do
My temperature was hundred and two
Then my nut sack shriveled up and fell off too

The nurse screamed and said something was missin’
she called the physician who said he had a suspicion
that the vaccine caused a neurological condition
and soon I would see the mortician

They started cuttin’ out my brain happy as can be
Bunch of undead doctors from the CDC
I finally figured out what happened to me
When they said we got another vaccine zombie!

Step one: Remove your brain
Step two: Replace with zombie vaccines
Step three: Watch television for further instructions from the Centers for Zombie Control

Zombie vaccines? I wonder where I can get some of those, being a fan of Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead and all. Perhaps my favorite lyric is this one:

Cause livin’ without a brain ain’t half bad

Why, yes, Mike Adams would be proof positive of that.

As I said before, though. I am in a way perversely grateful for Mike Adams. On the other hand, I have a hard time deciding whether he’s serious, scamming, or simply another example of Poe’s law as applied to anti-vaccinationists. With Mike Adams, it’s impossible to distinguish real from parody. Certainly, I don’t think I’m capable of coming up with a parody of the anti-vaccine movement that would be more utterly idiotic than Vaccine Zombie. Once again the Orac Corollary of Poe’s Law for Anti-vaccinationists applies:

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is utterly impossible to parody antivaccinationists in such a way that someone won’t mistake for the genuine article.

Just watch Mike Adams’ Vaccine Zombie again if you don’t believe this corollary is true.

Whenever I hear songs like those by The Refusers or Mike Adams, I wonder if they are really so deluded that they believe that their songs will actually persuade anyone or impress anyone other than people who are already anti-vaccine. Personally, I strongly suspect that Mike Adams actually has nothing but contempt for his audience. Certainly no one with respect for his audience could serve up such brain-fryingly idiotic tripe and think that it will impress or persuade them.