CBS News’ resident anti-vaccine propagandist Sharyl Attkisson abuses the Hannah Poling case again

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from CBS News’ resident anti-vaccine propagandist Sharyl Attkisson. When last we saw her, she was sucking up to the man whose discredited pseudoscience started the modern anti-vaccine movement, Andrew Wakefield, a man who went on to have his medical license ignominiously taken away. Prior to that, she had tried to out-crank the mercury militia’s most famous anti-vaccine kook, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; laid down some seriously incompetent and biased “journalism” promoting the myth that vaccines cause autism; and may even have been feeding information to Generation Rescue and Age of Autism. Not content to promote anti-vaccine quackery, she’s even delved into breast cancer crankery. Remember?

Well, she’s baa-aack.

This time around, she’s delving once again into anti-vaccine crankery. This time around, she’s decided to flog the Hannah Poling case again by posting a contradiction- and misinformation-filled bit of crankery to the CBS News entitled Family to Receive $1.5M in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award. It’s basically a rehash of her previous nonsense, in which she tries desperately to convince readers that this settlement in any way is an acknowledgment by the government that vaccines can cause autism or that the Hannah Poling case itself is evidence that vaccines cause autism. Fortunately, Sullivan has deconstructed Attkisson’s spin (not to mention Dan Olmsted’s regurgitation of old anti-vaccine tropes based on the case) so well that I don’t feel the need to do anything other than acknowledge it and refer you to a couple of my posts on the Hannah Poling case.

Here’s a hint for Sharyl: Not even David Kirby or J.B. Handley flogs the Hannah Poling case as slam-dunk “evidence” that vaccines cause autism anymore. They’ve moved on. Or hadn’t you heard? Poor Sharyl, behind the crank times.