The burning antivax stupid is hot within this one…

Fresh from the comments last night:

I just want to say that JM nor Wakefield had anything to do with my decision not to vax. My doc in fact doesn’t recommend it. I have plenty of studies from CDC’s site that did the convincing for me. Maybe ya’ll should read it too, you may be surprised at what you actually find. I’d love to see the groups seperate if that’s what it has to come down to. If you vaxed folks start saying things like “Ew you’re not vaccinated, gross.” Then hey- you and your toxic children– who are shedding the viruses and causing new outbreaks–can go and live together in a bubble for all we un-vaxed healthy folks care. Then we can get a real study going on and see where the outbreaks truly occur and why.

Besides the fact that this commenter (Eli) posted on a thread that is more than a year old (damn the Sb setup that doesn’t let me automatically close comment threads after, say, 90 days), Eli is a master of utterly missing the point. The reason she can get away with not vaccinating her children is precisely because of those “toxic” children who are protected against disease by vaccines. It’s called herd immunity.

People like Eli make sometimes make me despair.