Price et al roundup: Blaming mercury in vaccines for autism is so…2005

Yesterday, I had a bit of fun while taking on a serious topic, namely yet another study that failed to find a link between mercury in vaccines and autism. Fortunately, though, I wasn’t the only one. Oh, no, not by any means.

Liz Ditz has done what she does best and provided a comprehensive linkfest of reaction to the study.

A few of my favorites from the list:

  1. They DID a study! (Photon in the Darkness)
  2. More evidence that mercury in vaccines doesn’t cause autism (Science-Based Pharmacy)
  3. The Long Awaited CDC Trial on Thimerosal and Autism (NeuroLogica Blog)
  4. New thimerosal/autism paper – signal vs noise (Autism Blog)

While I did predict some of the likely attacks that will greet this paper (the pharma shill gambit and complaints about its excluding children with genetic conditions known to result in autism), I forgot one. Yep, predictably, that poor, clueless, deluded kid Jake Crosby dubbed it tobacco science. Of course, he doesn’t bother to explain why he thinks it’s “tobacco science.” I bet he can’t.

Finally, I wonder what happened to our old friend Dr. Jay Gordon. He hasn’t weighed in on the study yet. I wonder if he’ll actually read my post. I wonder if he’ll think this study is “tobacco science,” too. I wonder if he’ll have the intellectual honesty to bow under the weight of the overwhelming evidence, of which this study is just the most recent and a particularly strong piece, and finally admit that mercury in vaccines did not cause the “autism epidemic.”

Yeah, I’m calling him out.