Drunken Skeptics? Are there any other kinds?

If there’s one area where I’ve been remiss, it’s been in promoting new skeptics groups. Maybe it’s the enormous Orac-ian ego. Maybe it’s sheer laziness. Maybe it’s becoming too engrossed in work and my two blog projects. I will try to rectify that in the future beginning by flogging a new skeptics group from my hometown. Well, not quite my hometown, but southeast Michigan nonetheless. I’m referring to the Michigan Skeptics Association, which now has a blog, has had a meetup, and has announced a new podcast dubbed the Drunken Skeptics Podcast, which will debut soon. It’s to be hosted by Adam Bourque (founder and president of the MSA), Michelle Lester-Bell, and Chris Lindsay.

Hmmmm. Whom do you think should be a guest on the podcast?

Between the new Michigan Skeptics and Skeptics in the Pub events hosted by CFI-Michigan‘s southeast Michigan chapter, maybe Drunken Skeptics is an apt name for the new podcast.