Meryl Dorey, meet Orac

Although American skeptics might not be familiar with her, Australian skeptics are, sadly, all too well-acquainted with Meryl Dorey. Dorey, in case you’re not familiar with her, is the head of the Australian anti-vaccine group with the wonderfully Orwellian name Australian Vaccination Network, which is basically the Australian equivalent of American anti-vaccine groups like National Vaccine Information Center or Generation Rescue or the British anti-vaccine group JABS when it comes to spreading anti-vaccine propaganda far and wide down under. The only difference is that Dorey may be even loonier than these groups, if that were possible.

Last night, a Facebook friend posted a link to a post on the AVN blog entitled Vaccinations saved us from…what, exactly? In the post, Dorey posts a graph put together by a guy named Dr. Raymond Obomsawin that purports to show that disease death rates from measles were declining before the introduction of the vaccine. The graph immediately looked very…familiar to me. Then I remembered. I dealt with this lie before–more than six months ago, actually–in a post entitled The intellectual dishonesty of the “vaccines didn’t save us” gambit. Yes, Dorey is repeating that tired old lie favored of only the least imaginative and knowledgeable members of the anti-vaccine movement.

Unimaginative, unoriginal, liar. Yep, that describes Meryl Dorey quite well. That and she’s a vile human being.