At a local Target store…

Yesterday my wife and I were doing a bit of shopping for various household supplies at one of our favorite stores, our local Target. Having already been disturbed by the sheer volume of Christmas decorations and items on sale two weeks before Thanksgiving, I was even more disturbed to see this:


Yep, it’s everywhere. Oscillococcinum. A homeopathic treatment, quackery right there on the shelves. The only thing good I could think of to say about this is that it’s absolutely true that this remedy is, as advertised on the package, non-drowsy, with no interactions with other drugs, and without side effects. The only problem is, it’s without effects, too, because, being homeopathy, it’s water.

What was even more disturbing is that my wife and I were actually looking for one of our favored cold remedies. (We’ve both had a bit of a cough the last week or two.) We couldn’t find it; it didn’t look as though Target stocked it anymore. A whole, several foot long section of shelf, however, was chock full of Airborne and this stuff.