Can you count the straw men about skepticism?

Woo-meisters love to build massive straw men about what skepticism is, the better to tear it down with gusto and paint skeptics as close-minded “debunkers.” I just came across a video that does just that (click on the link for even more straw men in addition to the video), but in one of the most overblown and ridiculous ways I’ve ever seen. Can you count the number of straw men and outright lies about skepticism and skeptics in this video?

I lost track fairly early on, so fast and furious came the misinformation, particularly because the portrayal of skeptics and skepticism wasn’t even particularly clever in its attacks. In fact, I feel stupider for having watched this video, which clearly produced neuron apoptosising waves that had to be fought off. On the other hand, caricaturing skeptics and scientists is about the only thing cranks are any good at.

You know, I have a couple of scientific (allegedly) papers lying relevant to various pseudoscience. Maybe I’ll discuss one or both of them over the next couple of days–in honor of Daniel Drasin, of course. At the very least, it’ll cleanse the palate after tasting of such misinformation.