I love a good conspiracy theory…

This just in…

One of my regular readers pointed me to a most excellent comment that appeared on everybody’s favorite anti-vaccine propaganda crank blog Age of Autism. After a post discussing a testimonial that allegedly demonstrates that the Gardasil vaccine is dangerous, A commenter named Sarah wrote:

I just want to add another major event that got sidelined last year (I think due to a volcano eruption in Iceland) during the H1N1 fiasco. The airplane crash in Poland that killed the President of Poland, his wife and the entire governing body. The crash was the 70th anniversary of the massacre of 22,000 Polish military officers and intellectuals in 1940 by Josef Stalin’s NKVD secret police

Poland was the only country in Europe who rejected the H1N1 shot and the only country who refused to do business with the IMF.. conicidence? I think not.

Who puts their entire gov’t body on the same air plane? noone.

Could this group be secretly terrorizing our government into silence?

I believe we are dealing with a group of sociopaths with a diabolical agenda.. I think it is real.

That’s right. The reason the plane carrying several key members of the Polish government crashed was because the Polish government decided not to do a mass vaccination program for H1N1 last year. I had no idea those pharmaceutical companies were that powerful. While I’ll agree that it was monumentally stupid to have such a large number of key government and military leaders flying on the same plane, even as the dedicated “pharma shill” that the anti-vaccine movement thinks that I am, I have a hard time believing that our pharma overlords would have the power to make sure that this happened. As they say, never attribute to malign conspiracies what can be attributed to incompetence. In any case, what purpose would killing a large proportion of all the high government officials in Poland serve if it weren’t somehow known that their deaths were a direct punishment for having rejected the mind-control vaccine of our pharma overlords.

I tell ya, ya can’t make stuff like this up. It’s truly Jeff Rense or Alex Jones territory.

In any case, with the Thanksgiving holiday almost upon us, I have to admit grudgingly that I am thankful for AoA. It does, after all, provide me with an unending supply of crazy to blog about when I’m in the mood for laying down some not-so-Respectful Insolence. Don’t get me wrong; I wish anti-vaccine loons like this didn’t exist. However, given that they do exist, I have to admit that I’m a bit thankful they’re just so loony.