The annals of “I’m not anti-vaccine,” part 3

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3 begins right here, in the comments of (where else?) the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism, courtesy of commenter Kathy Blanco:

Jeff, believe it or not riply, I think taking mercury out of vaccines, doesn’t magically make them safer. It is proven that vaccines can cause the immune system to “trip” into autoimmnity against your own tissues if you have predispositions such as complement pathway problems, glutathione block, methylation quirks, autoimmunity in mothers or infections like XMRV/Lyme etc etc. Case in point, numerous vet manuals which warn of this, (hmm, wonder why the vets get it)? and not pediatricians and policy makers, including antibodies to neural tissues and cardio muscles. I am sorry, but something more than mercury is at play in these first cases, and it speaks volumes that around the same time, we unleashed DDT’s and toxins, plastics, bottle fed, put mothers under anesthesia while birthing, put iron fortification in our food supply and a ton of sugar into our foods (the age of food processing). Set up to autism, perfect storm, whatever you want to call it…as well as vets coming home after being heavily vaccinated during WW2. I call vaccines the tipping point. How many people, especially todays children have competent immune quality,… practically none! Some of them come into vaccines upon six hours of their birth after being oxidatively stressed by immediate cord clamping, birth drugs, etc. Then the kids are on formulas with MSG, MANGANESE and IRON and god knows what foreign proteins, and then at the same time tylenol for fevers, especially DURING a vaccine reaction, iron supplements (can cause autism all on it’s own), a round or two of antibiotics, GERD coming up to their eyeballs, and expect them to PURPLE CRY themselves to sleep everynight? We are doing a GRAVE inservice to our children, to treat them like chattle and cattle, and I for one, don’t get the mass experment ideal. Case in point, my unvaccinated grandchildren, with NO health problems, NO autism, coming from a predisposition to autism mind you? Never had an ear infection, rarely sick, and if runny nosed, it resolves in a day. Plueez, this is not NORMAL! LOL…no ear infections ever????? PLLUEEZZZ…don’t insult us. Vaccines have NO VALUE, have never proven to WORK, and are in fact, initiators of NEW DISEASES.

Yep. Ms. Blanco believes that vaccines, in concert with all sorts of environmental toxins, cause all sorts of horrible diseases and conditions and that it’s not any one ingredient like thimerosal that is to blame. It’s the evil vaccines themselves. Ms. Blanco also most emphatically believes that vaccines have “NO VALUE” (note the all-caps, which in Internet-speak tell us that she really, really, believes it, so much so that she’s shouting it to the world. Further, she believes that they “have never been proven to WORK.” (I’m quite surprised that she didn’t use all-caps for the word “never,” actually. That was amazing restraint on her part.) And, of course, she believes that vaccines are “initiators of NEW DISEASES.”

Nope, the “pro-safe vaccine” movement isn’t anti-vaccine at all. They just think vaccines don’t work, have no value, and cause new diseases.

Nope. No anti-vaccine sentiment there.

ADDENDUM: Although this is only somewhat related, Steve Salzberg has posted a nice rebuttal to the antivaccine inanity contained in the video that SafeMinds was trying to run in various theaters over what is a very busy movie weekend, namely the Thanksgiving weekend. The anti-vaccine loons have already descended in the form of Age of Autism’s Media Editor Anne Dachel and Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller. Steve might appreciate some tactical air support right about now.