A horrifying breast cancer “testimonial” for “holistic” treatment: Robert O. Young responds

In the wake of the revelation that Kim Tinkham is dying of what was almost certainly metastatic breast cancer to bones, lungs, and liver after having rejected conventional therapy for her disease in favor of Robert O. Young’s acid-base woo, Young’s response is now (possibly) known. In the comments after part 6 of Young’s interview with Kim Tinkham (discussed by me here), a commenter by the ‘nym of inhisgrace7 reports:

I wanted to find out for myself the truth so I wrote to Dr. Young and here is his response. Kim has always made her own decisions about cancer. Before I met her she had decided on her own that she did not want to have tradional cancer treatments. I have had very little contact with her in the last few years.

Apparently enough contact to have taped an hour-long interview back in March 2010. I call bullshit. For one thing, Kim has only had cancer for less than three years, and he’s been featuring her on his website all along–indeed right up to this very writing. Look for it to disappear down the memory hole, which is why I’ve downloaded web archives and copies of the six parts of the video.

The rest of Young’s reported response:

She called me a few weeks ago to tell me she had had breast surgery and her cancer was now in other parts of her body. She felt embarrassed to tell me this news because she had not been living an alkaline diet. Kim and their family are gratiful for the help I had given her over the years. She believes in the program, as well as the family for improving the quality and quantity of her life.

Despicable. That’s the only word to describe Robert O. Young. He’s despicable. Look at him try to backpedal, now that he’s faced with a woman whom he promised to cure and who is now dying.

As expected and as is typical of cancer quackery, the victim is being blamed for not adhering to the quack’s regimen, for not believing enough. Coward. Even worse, if this response truly came from Robert O. Young, he has just admitted that he’s been lying about Kim Tinkham on his website for at least a few weeks–ever since he got that phone call from her. After all, if this report truly came from him, Young has just admitted that he knew a few weeks ago that Kim Tinkham’s breast cancer had recurred and that she is dying of her disease. Yet he left the videos of her testimonial on his website and YouTube and the blog posts about how well she is doing on his blog. He didn’t even write addenda to update readers on Tinkham’s current condition. Rather, he left these glowing testimonials on the web in order to sell his woo. Look for those to disappear down the memory hole soon, too. Good thing I downloaded copies of Young’s webpage and his videos interviewing Tinkham, too.

Finally, inhisgrace7 reports that Young’s response finished thusly:

I received a beautiful letter from her son thanking me for all the help and sevice I gave to his mother. Thanks for your inquiry although the person who wrote you has no clue about what she is talking about – Kim has No regrets for the path she chose. All the best, Dr Young

I have to walk away from the computer now. I’m so angry that I might write something I’ll later regret.