The Orac Christmas tree

My readers might not think that a Plexiglass box full of blinking colored lights cum most advanced computer in the galaxy would go to the trouble of celebrating Christmas, much less putting up an actual Christmas tree. Well, actually, he didn’t. His wife did. But, then, Orac is a Plexiglass box of blinking colored lights. Be that as it may, there are a couple of cool decorations that I can’t resist showing off. First, courtesy of the James Randi Educational Foundation, we have the infamous Season of Reason ornament:


By the way, if you’re looking for a good secular organization dedicated to skepticism and critical thinking, you could do a lot worse than donating to the JREF’s Season of Reason campaign. For one thing, it’s a great organization. For another thing, there’s an anonymous donor who’s pledged to match, dollar for dollar, every donation up to a total of $100,000, meaning you get twice the bang for your buck. And, no, I’m not doing this just because D. J. Grothe interviewed a certain “friend” of the blog on For Good Reason. (Well, maybe just a little…)

But enough shilling for skeptical organizations, as much as I may like them and as deserving of a little Christmas green as they may be. Let’s take a look at my other favorite ornament, which happens to have been my wife’s, which she’s had since long before she ever met me:


Yep. It’s a dinosaur with a Santa hat. What says Christmas better than that?