Introducing…the Pestilence League of America

You know, I think I agree with ZDoggMD. The anti-vaccine movement has become so successful that perhaps it needs its own movie franchise to show its heroic resistance against vaccines:

It’s round about time we in the medical community recognized the heroic efforts of those who would warn us against the horrible dangers of vaccinations. I mean, these are unsung superheroes, bravely facing down mountains of evidence and decades of public health outcomes data in favor of a more trustworthy source: the Internets. They are tireless advocates, working to ensure that a child’s behind is left behind and not prodded with silly needles.

ZDoggMD then goes on to propose a new movie franchise that features powerful, unvaccinated superheroes fighting against vaccines. The first movie will, appropriately enough, be called The Pestilence League Vs. The Evil Vaccines:

Personally, although Captain Contagious and Paulina Polio are worthy heroes, the League is clearly missing a few. Surely there has to be a place for Jenny McCarthy, J.B. Handley and his merry band of anti-vaccine activists at Age of Autism (hmmm, on second thought, they could be a “League” of their own), Barbara Loe Fisher, and Sallie Bernard. In fact, as a fun little exercise, propose your own additional members of the Pestilence League of America and tell us who would play them!