The Vaccine Times: For parents, by parents

It’s now been over a week since the first installment of Brian Deer’s expose in the BMJ revealing the depths of Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent research. Over that week and a half or so, I’ve wondered just how someone like Wakefield could have had so much influence over so many parents. True, the British press was guilty as sin when it comes to credulous reporting of Wakefield’s original case series, which, even if it hadn’t been fraudulent, would not have justified Wakefield’s promotion of the idea that the MMR vaccine caused a syndrome consisting of regressive autism and enterocolitis. However, no matter how much medical authorities and scientists tried to counter Wakefield, it didn’t seem to work.

What might work is parents talking to parents, which is why I’m glad I’ve discovered The Vaccine Times, whose purpose is:

The purpose of this site will be to present the best information available (that I can unearth), and trying to stay clear of expressing too many opinions, although I may fail in that regard every now and then. Every entry will be chock full of links to the sources of my information, so the reader can judge for herself if my conclusions are warranted. The idea is to make information available to anyone interested, so we may all make our decisions based on the facts not the hype.

The latest issue is here.