Dr. Oz crosses the Woo-bicon yet again

I take back all those nice things I said about Dr. Oz.

Well, I never actually said that much nice about Dr. Oz, but I usually gave him at least a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, other than for his love or reiki. Then Dr. Oz had über quack Dr. Joe Mercola on his show (with Deepak Chopra, too!), leading me to ask whether Dr. Oz had finally crossed his Woo-bicon.

Well, if that wasn’t Dr. Oz crossing the Woo-bicon, perhaps this is:

That’s right. Dr. Oz is featuring Dr. Mercola on his show again, this time featuring him as The man your doctor doesn’t want you to listen to. Never does it appear to occur to the producers of the show that there’s a damned good reason (many, actually) that doctors don’t want you to listen to Joe Mercola, and it’s because there’s no pseudoscience Dr. Mercola doesn’t advocate or sell on his website, including cancer quackery, raw milk faddism, anti-vaccinationism, and even homeopathy. Yet, there he is on Dr. Oz’s show with what appears to be barely a pretense of skeptical questioning.

All of this leads me to ask Dr. Oz one more time, “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Sadly, seeing Dr. Mercola on Dr. Oz’s show, I know the answer to that one.