A reason to watch The Colbert Report: Paul Offit

Of the two, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, I tend to favor The Daily Show because there are times when I find Stephen Colbert’s schtick tiresome. True, Colbert can at times rise to the level of being brilliant, but there are other times when he gets on my nerves. In contrast, Jon Stewart tends to be more consistently funny.

However, tonight, there’ll be a guest on who’ll very likely get me to tune in to The Colbert Report on the night the show airs, rather than my usual practice of watching its rerun the next day. That’s because on Monday, January 31 (i.e., today), Stephen Colbert’s guest will be the man the anti-vaccine movement in general and the loons at the propaganda site for the anti-vaccine movement in particular (Age of Autism) loves to hate, the Dark Lord of Vaccination himself, Dr. Paul Offit.

Here’s hoping the two bring the weapon of humor into play against pseudoscience and fear.