Dogma versus science

It’s been a crazy week that’s reaching a crescendo today and tomorrow, so much so that, unlike yesterday, when I said I’d only be brief and ended up blathering on for close to 2,000 words (Mike Adams has that effect on me, particularly when he’s at his most un-self-aware), today I really will be brief for once in my misbegotten logorrheic blogging career. I don’t know why, but this warning by Jacob Bronowski about the danger of dogma and how absolute certainty can turn human beings into monsters popped up again, and I couldn’t resist posting it*:

Science is uncertainty. That doesn’t mean we can’t ever know anything, as some opponents of science would have you believe. The essence of science, however, which is that all knowledge is subject to revision based on new evidence, does tend to keep one humble. Indeed, it’s hard to be a good scientist without a little humility in the face of evidence.