A commenter takes me to task for being mean to Andrew Wakefield

It’s been pointed out to me that our old pal David Kirby, perhaps the cleverest antivaccine propagandist out there, is back at (where else?) The Huffington Post (a.k.a. HuffPo) asking why The Autism-Vaccine Debate: Why It Won’t Go Away (short answer: because opportunists like Kirby have teamed with believers in pseudoscience to keep fanning the flames of this manufactroversy whenever they fade to embers). I’ve been debating whether it’s worthwhile to produce a response to his disingenuously slimy arguments yet again, given that Kirby’s being even more disingenuously slimy than usual. In the meantime, while I’m debating whether it’s better to ignore Kirby or to be a benevolent Plexiglass box of blinking multi-colored lights and give him the not-so-Respectful Insolence he clearly so desperately craves, I also noticed that, while engaging in some necromancy, a commenter named Dinah Everett Snyder expresses her extreme displeasure with my treatment of Andrew Wakefield in the comments of a two year old post:

Having just spent some time reading the posts attached to this blog on autism and Dr. Wakefield I would like to tell the author of the article , if it could be called such, that he has done a damning and despicable disservice to the now millions of children in absolute agony due to their symproms of an illness that they were not born with, and on whom governments,the medical establishment, the media and special interest groups have turned their backs.

Oh! Wait, not exactly ! The special interest groups (read : pharmaceutical companies) have found a way to profit even from this travesty by prescribing more and more drugs to alleviate the symptoms in these children.( which do not work .) Please be aware that attention deficit and related ” labels” are part of the autism spectrum and as such, these children support a multi billion dollar additional drug platform through such drugs as Ritalin etc.

Scientific Integrity demands following the principles of ethical research, taking a hypothosis through to its own natural conclussion and NOT trying to make the science fit the need or preconceived idea/ notion!

Contrary to what the media has said, Dr. Wakefield questioned a causal link between autism and the combination vaccine of Measles, Mumps and Rubella, noting that a new measles strain had been used in the combo jab.

And, the study HAS been duplicated, ad nauseum, in the US, Japan and Australia in the years since Dr. Wakefields first paper hit the headlines.

Further,many papers have been published that seek to understand the chronic inflammation of the gut associated with many autistic children.Papers have been published that look at the gut issues of ADHD children too, lest you think otherwise. And the evidence supports this as a relevant area of study, a relevant area of answer seeking.

Rather than attack one man, governments and medical establishments would be better off finding ANSWERS to the question of autism. In fact, each and every person who pays taxes should be demanding that the FDA fund those critical studies, now ! Most especially in light of the fact that the FDA is seeking more and more funding (read: OUR tax dollars) in order to finance “research” and ” development” in “critical areas” on behalf of drug companies, which are global entities and the biggest sector of commerce. They DO NOT need the additional support from a government entity, OR our tax dollars. Unless they intend to gift all tax payers with the resulting medications free of charge to both us and our insurance providers (read: of course this is a joke ! ) The ignorance and bias on this ENTIRE blog site is indicative of the sick culture that we have become. Know this then, autism issues are no different to those of cancer, diabetes, HIV Aids and auto immue illness…and as such they ALL deserve our investment in Scientific Integrity and transparancy from the Department of Health and Human Services. Drug companies are merely interested in profit, not solutions. There is NO MONEY in a cure, you ignorant bunch of fellow people.

Autistic children deserve our compassion and attention and their families NEED our help. But for the grace of god, there stands each and every one of YOU.

If we are able to turn our backs on our wounded soldiers and our damaged children, what does that say of us, and what have we become? Shamed, you have all been shamed.

Ignorance is no excuse.

It’s half-tempting to ask my readers to engage in a game of “name that logical fallacy,” but truly, Dinah hits pretty much every brain-dead antivaccine talking point. Given how thoroughly Andrew Wakefield has been disgraced, how intellectually bankrupt and fraudulent his “research” has been demonstrated to be, and how morally bankrupt as a human being he is, it’s depressing that he still has such ardent “fans.”

“Cult”-like is indeed an accurate term to describe the antivaccine activists who still lionize Andrew Wakefield. Indeed, I still find it quite odd how even the seemingly more intelligent antivaccine propagandists still stick to Andy like glue. In any case, if Dinah wants to try to respond, here’s the place to do it, in a brand, spankin’ new post.