Another pointless anti-vaccine “protest”

Why do these things always have to happen when I’m out of town?

As you might be aware, the anti-vaccine movement is very, veyr unhappy with the recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth. Basically, the Supreme Court upheld the primacy of the Vaccine Court in adjudicating vaccine injury claims and preemption of federal law over state law in such lawsuits. Not suprisingly, the anti-vaccine movement has lost its mind over this ruling, falsely labeling it as having taken away the right of parents to sue over vaccine injury and having eliminated any incentive that pharmaceutical companies might have to make safe vaccines. Last week, they held a rather confused “demonstration” in front of Microsoft headquarters in New York that drew a–shall we say?–disappointing turnout. Today, at 2 PM EST, they are holding a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington.

Never let it be said that I don’t give fair airing to anti-vaccine views, the better to encourage their refutation and the mockery that they so richly deserve. Since I can’t watch (I’ll be at my surgical conference), I will provide you with the link to go to watch what will likely be an entertaining and pathetic spectacle. Also, thanks to our favorite anti-vaccine loons at Age of Autism, I have the HTML to embed the video right here (so that you can watch it here without going to the site, as well as the chat and social stream, all so that you, my readers, can, if you feel so inclined, inject a little reality into the anti-vaccine reality distortion field while I’m away.

Here’s the social stream:

And here’s the chat:

One point: SCOTUS rarely reverses itself. If the anti-vaccine movement wants to reverse Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth, it has to persuade Congress to change the law. Protesting in front of the Supreme Court is about as pointless an exercise as there is when it comes to effecting actual change of an already decided SCOTUS decision.