Another update from the mothership on the DDoS attack

Our (mostly) benevolent but unfortunately all-too-uncommunicative Seed Overlords have finally bestowed upon us another report regarding the ongoing DDoS attack. Believe me, I know many of you can’t access ScienceBlogs and, most important of all to me, this blog, the better to read every word of Insolence, Respectful and otherwise, that pours from my keyboard. I can even see it reflected in my traffic over the last week or so.

Here is the latest on the explanation:

Let me apologize again for the problems that many of you and your readers are experiencing. The attack is ongoing, originating from Turkey and Qatar, and until it stops, Rackspace must block IP ranges in order for the site to be accessible to anyone. They are also unwilling to manually unblock hundreds upon hundreds of individual IPs. They have advised that we invest in a firewall and additional services from them, but we are still working out what these will cost and how effective they will be. I am not sure if I was correct in thinking that these attacks are not malicious, but I said so because we were told the attackers were trying to use our servers as an open proxy, with the request “GET HTTP/1.1.” Upon reflection, I have no idea what that means.

Perhaps people more knowledgeable about this sort of thing can enlighten me as to what this means. I also apologize. It’s very depressing to know that some of my most reliable and regular commenters are, in essence, locked out, at least from their home computers. Unfortunately, this allows some of the trolls to run more free than they have in the past. I can only hope that those who still have access are able to increase their efforts at troll control until this situation is resolved.