Join Trine Tsouderos for a web chat with Dr. Paul Offit

Here’s something for you all to check out. Trine Tsouderos, the journalist from The Chicago Tribune who’s distinguished herself as being one of the few reporters who “gets it” when it comes to quackery and the anti-vaccine movement (just put her name in the search box of this blog for some examples) will be hosting a web chat about vaccines featuring none other than Dr. Paul Offit, one of the gutsiest (if not the gutsiest) defender of vaccine science out there. The chat will occur here at noon CDT today. Questions can be submitted in advance to Tsouderos at [email protected].

Head on over, everyone. The anti-vaccine movement is clearly out in force in the comments. Although the usual intrepid defenders of science are there, reinforcements are always welcome, particularly in the face of such unrelenting, neuron-apoptosing, IQ-sucking stupid as this from Michele Angelucci:

how nice that your only “expert” is paul (pr)offit. how objective could a the creator of a vaccine possibly be when talking about the subject of vaccines? especially one who voted to have his own vaccine added to the schedule (as a member of ACIP) when he should not have been voting due to a conflict of interest. his word on vaccines will NEVER hold any weight for me until he practices what he preaches and injects himself with the 100,000 vaccines at one time that he says would be safe for a child to take.

Let’s have some intelligent comments to counter intellect-destroying nonsense like Angelucci’s comment. Trine Tsouderos will thank you. I will thank you.