Grammar Nazis

Sometimes I complain on this blog about grammar Nazis. I had no idea at the time that grammar Nazis might actually be a real phenomenon.

Of course, I’d be dead because my unedited material all too frequently contains multiple run-on sentences. True, I almost always find them later when I reread my posts and then fix them, but in the few hours after such posts “go live” they often sit there, uncorrected. Oh, well, it is blogging, and I don’t have an editor other than myself.

Now watch: Based on this video, everybody’s favorite anti-vaccine apologist who keeps reminding us he is not “anti-vaccine,” Dr. Jay Gordon, will start posting Tweets that castigate me as “despicable” for posting a video that jokes about killing grammar Nazis, even though it’s a stunning parody of the first scene of Inglourious Basterds. Seriously, yesterday Dr. Jay Tweeted his outrage over my use of an old Mitchell and Webb clip mocking animal rights activists because it joked about setting a dog on fire, and he did it not once, not twice, but three times. Never mind that the dog was a stuffed animal sitting in a doghouse. No doubt, were I to post the Black Knight scene from Monty Python, Dr. Jay’d show up on Twitter again calling me despicable for posting video clips that joke about amputation.