The annals of “I’m not anti-vaccine,” part 7 (argumentum ad Nazium edition #2, 2011)

Time and time again, anti-vaccine activists will piously and self-righteously tell those of us who criticize their pseudoscientific fear mongering, “I’m not anti-vaccine,” followed by something like, “I’m pro-vaccine safety,” “I’m a vaccine safety watchdog,” or “I’m pro-safe vaccine.” Nothing puts the lie to these denials better than looking at the sorts of things anti-vaccine activists say and write in their own lairs.

For instance, here we have a commenter by the ‘nym of veritas (no hubris there!) over at the anti-vaccine blog Age of Autism discussing the Poul Thorsen scandal:

I just wonder, if the genocidal CDC officials bribed Thornsen to cover their own stupidity, ignorance and arrogance (by allowing poisonous vaccines to be injected to infants), or they were bribed themselves by vaccine manufacturers to produce fraudulent data on vaccine safety. It is not surprising that drug companies want to sell defective products for profits, they do it all the time (in fact they often admit that their products can kill or injure), but it is not acceptable, that the public agency, which is supposed to protect the public from toxic pharmaceuticals, conspires with manufacturers of defective products against the society. CDC officials should be severely punished for their deliberate crimes against humanity. They are not any better than Nazi Dr. Mengele.

Yes, because issuing a grant to someone who is later indicted for cheating the granting agency out of close to a million dollars is exactly like overseeing the medical wing of an extermination camp and performing twisted medical experiments on the victims based on an evil ideology that held the prisoners of the camp to be less than human.

And, oh, no, veritas is not anti-vaccine. Perish the thought! Nor is AoA for censoring any comments critical of its anti-vaccine pseudoscience while letting commenters like veritas compare the CDC to Dr. Mengele! How could you think such a thing?