I’m owed a new irony meter…again

A commenter named ottoschnaut at the anti-vaccine blog Age of Autism owes me a new irony meter after writing to a commenter by the ‘nym “Parent” who complained about the meanness of J.B. Handley’s attack on Seth Mnookin:

To Parent:

You write: “Both sides claim the other is crazy, both in a race to the bottom with scare tactics and threats”

Can you give me one example of a safe vaccine advocate calling those who defend “one size fits all vaccine policy” crazy?

Can you give me an example of “scare tactics” used by safe vaccine advocates?

The truth is what safe vaccine advocates use. If that is a scare tactic, then maybe we should be scared.

To answer ottoschnaut’s first question, I quote a commenter by the ‘nym of veritas:

I would bet Mnookin is still a junkie. It seems that for cash from pharma cartels to support his heroin addiction he will do anything. It is also possible that drug cartels offered him unlimited supply of opiates. No person with a healthy mind would say or write, what he does. He should be treated as a moral leper. It is however a shame that mainstream media support this despicable junkie rather than millions of parents of vaccine injured children and honest scientists, who try to tell the truths that vaccines can kill and cripple for life. We should boycott the mainstream media, as they boycott our children and us.

“No person with a healthy mind”? It sure sounds to me as though veritas is saying that Mnookin is either mentally ill or still an addict. It’s right there in the same comment thread as ottoschnaut.

As for an example of “scare tactics,” I’ll be happy to oblige. Antivaccine activists tried to get me fired from my job last summer after Jake Crosby accused me of a conflict of interest that wasn’t. Threatening someone’s job over something not related to one’s job? That would be scare tactics, ottoschnaut. In the meantime, I need a new irony meter.