The best ten minute summing up of a scientific consensus I’ve seen in a long time

I see I’ve managed to attract another anthropogenic global warming denialist in the comments again, I figured that now is as good a time as any to post this video. True, it’s over a year old, but it does as good a job of describing the multiple interlocking strands of evidence supporting the concept that the climate is warming and that human activity is causing it.

In particular, I like how this video sums up multiple lines of evidence supporting AGW. The same sort of reasoning applies to every major scientific consensus, be it evolution, the germ theory of disease, the scientific consensus that vaccines do not cause autism, or whatever. There is no single study that “proves” a scientific consensus. Nearly always, there are many lines of mutually supporting evidence that converge on the same conclusion or set of conclusions. That’s the one thing advocates of pseudoscience just don’t get. They have a tendency to think that there’s a “magic bullet,” one study that “proves” the consensus, hence their demand for “just one study” that “proves” a consensus, a demand I’ve seen from creationists, anti-vaccine activists, and supporters of various forms of quackery. In most cases, there ain’t no such beast. That isn’t how science works.