The annals of “I’m not anti-vaccine,” part 8 (argumentum ad Nazium edition #3, 2011)

Anti-vaccine activists are constantly repeating the claim that they’re “not anti-vaccine” but rather are “pro-safe vaccine” or “vaccine safety activists.” Depending on the specific anti-vaccine activist, it’s either a lie or self-delusion, of course, although I suppose it’s good that anti-vaccine activists do have enough of a sense of shame to realize that being anti-vaccine is frowned upon by the sane parts of society. Still, it is amusing every so often to see the “vaccine safety activist” mask drop, as it did in the comments of the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism earlier:

When the trains left for Auschwitz and Buchenwald many of the doomed passengers took suitcases with them surely expecting to return home from this “camp”. God knows what lies the Nazis told these poor people to get them on those trains. Same with the vaccines. We are repeatedly told they are safe when they are loaded with dangerous toxins. Our children are being poisoned right in front of our eyes and we’re being told that it’s all in our heads.

Yet another cringe-worthy Godwin! Because vaccination is just like being shipped to a Nazi extermination camp like Auschwitz or a Nazi concentration camp like Buchenwald. And, no, never, ever call AoA minions “anti-vaccine.” They’re not “anti-vaccine.” They just think that vaccines are comparable to Nazi gas chambers and concentration camps. That’s not anti-vaccine at all, is it? There’s totally a difference between the two, you dogmatic, brainwashed, pro-vaccine drones, you!