More quack ads on ScienceBlogs

I get it. Seriously, I really do. Advertising is a deal with the devil. I understand that and have come to accept it–to a point. For example, I can (sort of) tolerate ads for Cancer Treatment Centers of America showing up on ScienceBlogs; I even understand that outside of those of us who promote science-based medicine CTCA isn’t considered to be that bad. However, ads for homeopathy really, really irritated me, as I mentioned on Friday. It gets even worse than that, though. As if ads for homeopathy and human growth hormone anti-aging quackery weren’t enough, what popped up earlier to mock me?

Take a look:



Dr. Natura’s Colonix is exactly the sort of sheer quackery that I mocked ruthlessly nearly five years ago. And it’s here on ScienceBlogs, right here, right now.

As I said before, I understand that some ads are going to be dubious, particularly when keyword algorithms are used, but this is ridiculous. The ScienceBlogs that I used to know at least tried to get rid of blatantly quacky ads like this. No more, apparently.