Let’s hope they don’t find out about TAM…

Darn it all!

I knew they’d find us out. I just knew it:


Actually, I’m happy. Our diversion has worked. While the conspiracy loons will be protesting the lesser of two meetings, the real work in crushing conspiracies and ensuring our world domination will be some 600 miles away in Las Vegas at The Amaz!ng Meeting 9.

A pity, though, that I and my fellow skeptical conspirators can’t be two places at once. The discussions of toxic murder meters, mandated vaccines, aerial toxins, and starting perpetual wars in order to assure progress towards a World Government and Hitlerian New World Order sound most tempting. I guess I’ll have to miss it and the protesters in favor of hobnobbing with fellow skeptics, angling to get my picture taken with the bigwigs of the skeptical movement, and meeting some of my readers.

And plotting, of course. Always plotting.