One bad thing about TAM…

…is that I haven’t been able to go and see the last Harry Potter movie yet. My wife and I will probably go to see it next weekend. In the meantime, while I do the final preparations for our panel, I must admit, as being an uber-fan of The Lord of the Rings since I was around 13 and also being a fan of the Harry Potter series, this gave me a chuckle:

This one was close, but I think Dumbledore took down Gandalf–albeit just barely, thanks to the line:

I’ll expecto my patronum on your face, you little snitch
And when I’m finished Imma fly like it’s quidditch.

Yes, I know this is frivolous nonsense, but the time difference between Pacific time and East Coast time led me to wonder whatever possessed me to go to Penn Jillette’s Private Rock & Roll Bacon & Doughnut Part last night. I faded fairly fast, but it was fun while it lasted. Nothing like going to do a panel discussion sleep deprived.