Quacktion Figure™: Immortalize your favorite promoter of pseudoscience!

It’s a wonder no one ever thought of this before (at least, not to my knowledge), but Todd over at Harpocrates Speaks has. Over there today, what do we find?

A Quacktion Figure™:

Ever wanted to enjoy the adoration of tens of others? Had an idea for a new product to patent, but had pesky competitors that needed discrediting? Have you ever dreamed of creating a controversy where there was none? Have you thought that violating research ethics would be a quick way to accomplish all this, but never had the narcissistic chutzpah to pull it off?

Well, now you can.

You’ll have to click through to find out who the first of a line of Quacktion Figures™ are. All I will say is that the very first one in the series is most appropriate.

Who else should be made into a Quacktion Figures™? Mark and David Geier look like obvious candidates? Dr. Oz? Yes, definitely. Joe Mercola and Mike Adams? Unquestionably.

But who else would make a good A Quacktion Figure™?