Ghost hunting, the “Let’s get it on” edition

I must admit, I’m rather happy that October is over, as that means that the local news stations doing all sorts of brain dead fluff stories about the paranormal. On the other hand, if I were still living in Cleveland, I’d miss out on awesome pareidolia like this:

Here’s what they’re talking about:


And here’s more of a close-up:


I have to admit, I can see the resemblance. I can also see that it’s almost certainly nothing more than a reflection off of the camera lens. Also remember that this picture was taken with what looks like a cheap cell phone camera. It is, however, fantastic pareidolia.

It does raise some interesting questions, though. If ghosts are incorporeal, then why do they need to get it on? That is, after all, a physical act that relies on human physiology to be pleasurable. At the risk of being a bit blunt, if there are no parts rubbing against other parts, what would be the point if you’re a ghost and don’t have any parts to rub against other parts?