Seven years…

Seeing Martin’s mention that he’s hit the sixth anniversary of his entry into the awoke a vague sense of unease in me. It was that sort of unease that one gets when one realizes that he’s forgotten something but can’t quite remember what it is that he’s forgotten.

Then it came to me.

Somehow, some way, I had missed my very own seventh anniversary of starting this blog, which was last Saturday. Yes, seven years ago, on a gray and dismal Saturday in December, something possessed me to start a Blogspot blog (these days, if I were to start a new blog, it would be WordPress) and then to generate my first post, a manifesto of sorts. Strangely enough, seven-plus years later, I’m amazed at how true I’ve more or less stayed to the original manifesto. True, over the years I’ve come to “specialize” in that medical topics dominate my blog subject matter, but I haven’t abandoned general skepticism here and I do from time to time branch out.

Back when I started this blog, it was basically a whim, a flight of fancy, the thought being, “Well, I’m tired of sparring on Usenet. Why not see if blogging’s more satisfying.”

Given that seven years later I’m still at it, obviously it was. As I enter my eighth year, thanks for reading.