A lesson in communicating vaccine science to the public

After yesterday’s video and the video from the day before demonstrating just what “antivaccine” means, I thought you’d all need a little something to cleanse the palate after having swallowed so much crazy. Fortunately, Paul Offit provides just the thing, a lecture at the NIH in which he discusses on vaccines and how to educate the public about vaccine science can be found here:

Dr. Offit hits all the high points, including the false “balance” in journalism, how to deal with scientific uncertainty, and when not to let oneself be sucked into “debates” with the other side (Oprah’s show represented one such situation). There’s even a visit from an old “friend” of the blog around the 42-43 minute mark, whose impudent nonsense is dealt with deftly and with aplomb.

I only wish I had been so skillful in dealing with such boorishness at the 2010 Trottier Symposium when the Royal Rife guy tried to dominate the Q&A session. I’ll keep Dr. Offit’s performance in mind the next time I’m faced with such a challenge.