Happy Holidays to all!

Because there’s only one way for Orac to wish his minions, shills, and fans a Merry Christmas:

Well, maybe not. There’s also this:

Both via Skepchick.

For those of you who celebrate the holidays, whatever they may be, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever, have a happy one. Be of good cheer. And, as our illustrious leader Lord Draconis would urge us, stay frosty, my friends. You will be needed. Orac shall return next week, and the the minions, shills, and flacks of pseudoscience, particularly antivaccine pseudoscience and quackery (for instance, in the comments after this article, where a homeopath and Anne Dachel of Age of Autism are going wild), never rest, holiday or no holiday.