Combining energy woo with The Secret

As hard as it to believe, it’s 2012 now. (I know, I know, I say that pretty much every year.) I’ve also been on vacation for the last week, which makes getting back into the swing of things a bit difficult. For one thing, we seem to have suffered an infestation of particularly brain dead alt-med and antivaccine trolls that drove comment totals on some posts into the hundreds. I must admit, that was something I didn’t expect between Christmas and New Years, when blogging and commenting are usually as slow as everything else outside of retail that time of year. I must admit, though, that it was actually fairly amusing, at least before it became tedious. Anyway, here’s hoping that things return to normal around here now that the holidays are over.

When it comes to woo of the purest sort that is so detached from reality that I have a hard time believing that anyone could believe it and still function in society. Think Robert Lanza. Think homeopathic plutonium. Think “eating the sun.” Note that, even though I’ve named a form of woo after Deepak Chopra, I exclude him from this because I strongly suspect that Chopra knows he’s full of crap when he promotes his “quantum consciousness” and various other forms of Choprawoo. Be that as it may, as a connoisseur of woo I’m always on the lookout for new talent, and I think I’ve found it in the form of someone named Adam Abraham, a man who refers to himself as “The Phaelosopher.” We’ve encountered him one time before, where he was promoting rather pedestrian, “structured water” woo. In the year and a half since then, however, Abrahams appears to have upped his game. Evidence of this improvement came to my attention in the form of a post entitled A worldview from the energy field.

The woo, it is strong in this one.

Again, Abraham starts out with fairly pedestrian woo, namely “auric field” woo, in which what appears to be obviously nothing more than Kirlian photography, a method used by certain woo-meisters who claim to be able to capture human “auras” and use the information to heal by following changes in what is represented as the person’s aura. But before you see just how Abraham views the whole concept of auras, you should check out this claim from Abraham:

Every human being – every living thing – has an energy field. Actually, every human being is an energy field. What’s more, we have, and are an energy field even if we do not have a physical body. In other words, the energy field that you are both precedes, and succeeds the formation and existence of the human body, which itself is an energy field.

When the body sleeps, or is otherwise inactive, and we subsequently awaken with fantastic memories of alien places, recall interactions with others that had passed away, or for those who have experienced amputations, be whole once again, it is through the auspices of eternal subtle energy fields, which can also be referred to as “energy bodies.”

So let me get this straight. We are all “energy fields” before we are born? How does that work? Where does the energy exist and what does it do before we are born? We’ve often heard the claim that we continue to exist as “energy” or “consciousness” after we die, but if the energy that is allegedly us exists before we are born, then the obvious question is: When did it come into existence? If that energy has always existed, then doesn’t that make us all gods?

So many questions. Abraham (sort of) has an answer:

What this tells us is that we already have the power to travel through time and space already, that “the dead” don’t “die,” and that a part of who we are is always a perfect whole. The question is: Are we ready to consciously accept these ideas as true?

Wow! Does this mean I can be just like the Doctor in the TARDIS, traveling through time and space and having all sorts of cool adventures? Heck, maybe it means I would even regenerate just like the Doctor! After all, if you recall, during his last three regenerations, the Doctor has shot pure energy out of his head and limbs until his form changed. Check out, for example, the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration:

And here’s another Time Lord, The Master, regenerating:

See what I mean? The obvious implication of Abraham’s ideas is that we are all in reality Time Lords!

Obviously, I jest, but the woo is so strong in this one that I couldn’t help myself, particularly given how huge a fan of The Doctor I’ve been for so long. In any case, why should we believe any of this is true? Because, maaaan, it’s science! Abraham tells us so:

Science has confirmed that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and only change form. The same principle applies to energy fields. As such, the same principle applies to you and me. We are, at our core, eternal beings possessing the implicit gift of immortality.

Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty in saying I was joking about us all being Time Lords, after all. If Abrahams is right, we’re all immortal, we’re all pure energy that’s always existed and always will exist, and we’ll live forever. Wouldn’t that be cool? But it goes beyond that. According to him, the energy of our aura determines the sort of “energy” we attract to ourselves. Knowing this, I bet you know what’s coming next, don’t you? Remember something called The Secret? Basically, it’s a woo concept that was in vogue a few years ago but, like Jason at the end of a Friday the 13th movie or Michael Myers at the end of a Halloween movie, refuses to die and always seems to come back, not unlike the “energy” Abraham describes. What “The Secret” says is that our thoughts determine what is attracted to us. Think happy thoughts and good things will come to you. Of course, there is a grain of truth to this in that having a positive attitude can certainly help one succeed, but The Secret makes this some sort of mystical, magical concept, even going so far as to call it a “law” in which “thoughts become things.” Wouldn’t you know it, but Abraham’s energy woo is just the secret, only with “energy vibrations”:

The significance and scope of the energy field is not limited to the state of the form alone. It is a magnet for experiences, attractor of all moments that pass through the consciousness, including the subconscious and unconscious. The electromagnetic nature of the energy field is one reason for the truth of the adage, “there are no mistakes.”

Chance, happenstance, “luck” and fortune, both “good” and “bad,” are all concepts that have evolved from our fuzzy sense of self.

I will give Abraham credit though. The flip side of The Secret is that, if our thoughts create or reality or, according the “law of attraction,” our thoughts and attitudes determine what sorts of things are attracted to us, then that means bad thoughts and attitudes attract evil things. In other words, all those Jews killed during the Holocaust? It was their fault because they obviously must have been thinking some evil thoughts to bring such evil on themselves. Cancer patients? Bad thoughts did it. Abraham even acknowledges this as explicitly as any woo-meister I’ve ever seen:

Not knowing the power of our thoughts, which energy will obediently follow, have made us unwitting creators of all of our calamities and ills. On the other hand, we are likewise the answer to the very prayers we’ve asked for, especially when it dawns on us that we are all connected.

Ah, so positive, so self-empowering! If bad thoughts created your ill health or the bad situation you find yourself in, then obviously good thoughts will fix the problem, right? Tell that to Holocaust victims or patients suffering from terminal illnesses or murder victims. Thinking positive thoughts doesn’t exactly work in such situations.

On second thought, maybe Abraham hasn’t upped his game as much as I thought the first time I read his post.