Dr. Phil follows Dr. Oz’s descent into psychic woo

Will it never end?

First we had “America’s Doctor,” Dr. Mehmet Oz, credulously featuring psychic medium scammer John Edward on his show last year. Sadly, but typically, Dr. Oz was completely taken in by Edward’s cold readings, even the most transparent ones. Even if his previous shows featuring Joe Mercola and a faith healer weren’t enough to convince you that Dr. Oz either has no critical thinking skills or does have them but doesn’t care about anything but entertainment, bread and circuses, this one should have been.

My readers have now told me today that it looks as though in 2012 Dr. Phil wants to get in on that hot psychic action. Check out the preview for Dr. Phil’s scheduled episode for tomorrow (warning: video that autoplays, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn off the auto play):

Here’s the promo:

Can the living really communicate with the dead? In a daytime television first, world-renowned intuitive mediums John Edward and Char Margolis team up on Dr. Phil’s stage and pull back the curtain to the other side! Watch as the mediums perform LIVE in-studio readings on audience members. What messages do their loved ones have from beyond the grave? Then, a skeptical Dr. Phil sits down for his first-ever psychic reading from Char. Will he become a believer? Plus, the spirit world reveals something Robin would rather keep secret! Then, numerologist Glynis McCants explains how numbers can lead to a love match. Whether you’re already a believer or still on the fence, you won’t want to miss this spirit-filled show!

Numerology? Really?

Would it be too much of a spoiler if I predicted that, yes, Dr. Phil will become at least partially a believer. The give-away line is where Dr. Phil says, “You know, I am a healthy skeptic, but I’m not a cynic.” There’s also the tag-line for the ad for the show, “Can the living really communicate with the dead?”

Of course, I had even less respect for Dr. Phil than for Dr. Oz (if that’s even possible given how little respect I’ve had for Dr. Oz since he became Oprah’s protege), but this pushes my opinion of Dr. Phil to deep subterranean levels.

Bread and circuses, indeed.