Microsoft, Merck, and Bill Gates: Eugenicists?

Since I wrote about a man who is arguably the biggest seller of quackery on the Internet, namely Joe Mercola, yesterday, I thought I’d turn my attention to someone who is arguably another of the biggest promoters of quackery on the Internet, namely Mike Adams of If Joe Mercola is proof positive that quackery sells, Mike Adams is proof positive that there are conspiracy theorists out there who are so reality-challenged that they’ll believe virtually anything. Whether it’s his despicable assaults on dead celebrities as having been “killed by modern medicine,” his constant stream of antivaccine fear mongering, or his hilariously inept attempt to out-Chopra Deepak Chopra while mixing in liberal helpings of pure unadulterated fevered conspiracy mongering, truly no one brings home the crazy about alternative medicine the way that Mike Adams does. As a result, he’s a major force on the Internet, at least in the realm of quackery and attacking science=-based medicine. True, he doesn’t appear to be nearly as good at marketing wares for huge profits, but he sure does appear to be good at marketing himself. While Mercola is cold and calculating about how to make money; Mike Adams appears to be just as calculating, but he’s more about stirring up emotion and conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, he seems to be pretty good at it.

I must admit that I have a bit of a fascination for Mike Adams. I have a rational mind (or, at least, I try to have a rational mind); so it’s really hard to wrap my brain around the sheer lunacy that is Mike Adams. There appears to be no conspiracy theory too outlandish for him to buy into uncritically, no charge against big pharma too unbelievable. In fact, I have a hard time deciding whether Adams is a true believer who really lives his paranoid world view or a scammer with a talent for tapping into the paranoia of the more gullible. I suspect it’s a little of both but leaning towards the former. After all, a man who can produce a video in which science is portrayed as an unrelenting force for evil probably must at some level believe that science is an unrelenting force for evil. Either that, or he’s extremely good at lying and mimicking paranoia.

Whatever Adams’ motivation, his penchant for bringing home the crazy was on full display last night in an article entitled Microsoft buys eugenics technology from Merck, becomes drug development partner with top global vaccine manufacturer. Somehow I ended up on Adams’ mailing list a while back. Actually, I ended up on it twice, once per my two main blogging e-mail addresses, meaning that I get a double dose of crazy delivered to my in box every morning; so when this gem popped up I just couldn’t resist. One of these days, fascination with this much concentrated misinformation might suck me past the event horizon of the black hole of crazy that is Mike Adams’ website. Not today. Today, I take my amusement (and hopefully produce yours).

Antivaccine loons really, really hate Bill Gates. It has little to do with his having built Microsoft into the global behemoth that it is. Rather, it’s all about what Gates has done since leaving Microsoft, namely his creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Most normal people would view Gates’ philanthropic activities post-Microsoft as a profound good, although, it’s hard not to say, some wags might view them as his making up for foisting Microsoft Windows upon the world. Be that as it may, the Gates Foundation does a lot of good. What really irritates antivaccine loons is that a major focus of the Gates Foundation’s philanthropy is making sure that as many children in Third World countries as possible are protected against deadly diseases, and one of the major tools Gates uses is the support of vaccination programs. Right there, on the Gates Foundation website, is a section on vaccines that contains statements like:

  • “Vaccines are one of the most effective health interventions ever developed.”
  • “We believe that a coordinated effort to develop and distribute underused and new vaccines can save millions of lives.”
  • “Our goal is to increase the use of effective but underused vaccines and introduce new vaccines to prevent a total of 4 million deaths per year.”

To improve the delivery of effective but underutilized vaccines, the Gates Foundation has partnered with the World Health Organization, GAVI, the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and Agence de Médecine Preventive to “help countries vaccinate more of their children, introduce new and underused vaccines, eradicate polio, and control measles,” using these strategies:

  • Revamp the “cold chain” delivery system to make it more effective in delivering vaccines.
  • Vaccinate more children of all ages with the proper vaccines.
  • Reach less accessible populations isolated by geography, culture, and religious practices.
  • Promote the development of new technologies that will make vaccines easier to store, safer to deliver, and less expensive.

No wonder a guy like Mike Adams would hate a guy like Bill Gates, especially since Gates has pledged $10 billion for vaccination programs and been very blunt about antivaccinationists, proclaiming things like:

Because the mothers who heard that lie, many of them didn’t have their kids take either pertussis or measles vaccine, and their children are dead today. And so the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts — you know, they, they kill children. It’s a very sad thing, because these vaccines are important.

Age of Autism, not surprisingly, doesn’t much like Gates, either.

However, if AoA is antivaccine hysteria cranked up to 11, Mike Adams is antivaccine hysteria cranked up to 100:

When you buy Microsoft products, you are now promoting the pharmaceutical industry and its global vaccine agenda. That’s the new reality in which we live, where the world’s largest software company is “in bed” with the world’s largest vaccine pusher.

How so? In 2009, Microsoft purchased a key piece of technology from the drug company Merck, the world’s largest maker of vaccines (which Bill Gates says can help “reduce the global population” by 10 to 15 percent). That technology, as you’ll see below, can conceivably be used to develop eugenics vaccines that target specific races and nationalities with infertility-inducing pharmaceuticals — something that is entirely consistent with Bill Gates’ openly-admitted goal of reducing world population through the use of vaccines (see link to video below).

In actuality, this deal wasn’t all that big as Microsoft purchases go. Basically, Microsoft purchased a company called Rosetta Software, which develops genomic information software that Microsoft wanted to integrate into its Microsoft Amalga Life Sciences, which is described as “system the company’s Health Solutions Group has built for research institutions such as drug companies and universities” and software that “helps researchers make sense of data to develop drugs and conduct clinical trials.” Sounds fairly unremarkable, right? Ever since new technology has accelerated the production of genomics data, these sorts of products have been popping up like kudzu in order to try to help scientists make sense of the terrabytes and petabytes of data flowing into their computers from techniques such as next generation sequencing (NGS).

It also turns out that Merck will “provide strategic input” to Microsoft as part of the deal. From this little sentence, Adams concludes that Microsoft has now become a eugenics company? But how does he “connect the dots”? First, he has to cite a famous speech that Bill Gates made back in 2010, in which he said:

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

Antivaccinationists have leapt on this statement as “evidence” that (1) Bill Gates supports eugenics and (2) that, by saying this, Bill Gates “admitted that vaccines are used for depopulation.” The antivaccine crankosphere went wild. Of course, it’s obvious from the context that Bill Gates is pointing out a general observation that better health care, which includes reproductive services and vaccines, usually leads to populations leveling off. In other words, if we raise the health care standards of these countries, chances are good that they will have fewer children and that the rate of population increase will level off, not that we will “depopulate” the Third World. It’s always telling how much antivaccinationists lie about this one statement, and Adams is no exception.

So now that he has the necessary elements for a conspiracy theory, namely the tenuous connection between the purchase by Microsoft of a small genomics software company and Bill Gates’ support for vaccination programs, Mike Adams goes to town:

This is a key statement to understand, because the term “bioinformatic” can only mean one thing. What stores information in biology? These is only one digital storage system in human biology, and that system is, of course, DNA. Therefore, the idea of developing “bioinformatic solutions” really means to develop “gene-targeting drugs and vaccines.”

Adams says that as though that would be a bad thing. Of course, the direction of pharmaceutical development is moving towards genomic solutions and means of targeting genes with drugs and vaccines! That’s the way towards making drugs less toxic and potentially more effective. The quacks know that too. For instance, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has jumped on the genomics bandwagon, performing–uh, oh–“personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy.” Yet to Adams Burzysnki is a hero.

Can you say “hypocrisy”? Sure, I knew you could.

Now that eugenics has been brought into the picture, you know where this is going, particularly given that it’s Mike Adams we’re talking about. Yes, that’s right. It’s time to bring in Adolf Hitler! After ranting about how Gates is “pursuing an agenda of human depopulation” and how this agenda is similar to agendas pursued by others, including, hilariously, “Adolf Hitler and a long list of former FDA Commissioners in the United States.” Because, apparently, the FDA is just like Nazi Germany and FDA commissioners are just like Hitler.

But how? How will Bill Gates realize his nefarious vision of decreasing global population growth to only 1.3 billion people in the next couple of decades? Isn’t it obvious? Adams thinks it is:

In order to kill off large swaths of human beings, the most efficient mechanism to use is a self-replicating, gene-targeted bioweapon. Microsoft’s Amalga Life Sciences technology, purchased from vaccine developer March, theoretically provides a viable platform to develop precisely such bioweapons. It is interesting that no announcements from the company appear to have been made since being acquired by Microsoft in 2009, indicating that their work is now being conducted in total secrecy, behind closed doors.

Or the company has simply been totally absorbed into Microsoft, as so many companies before. Or Amalga has gone nowhere, and Microsoft has given up on it. Or any of a number of other possible explanations. Adams, however, zeroes right in on The One True Explanation, which to him is that Microsoft and Bill Gates have teamed up with Merk to produce a self-replicating, gene-targeted bioweapon. Does Gates even know what he’s talking about? I think you know the answer. Adams seems not to understand that targeting individual genes wouldn’t necessarily make a bioweapon more effective or the difficulties involved in developing such a weapon.

Why would the global elite and Illuminati want to develop such a bioweapon anyway? I was never clear on that. After all, apparently we have competing desires. On the one hand, Adams thinks that the global elite want a race of “superhumans.” But on the other hand, corporations want more customers. Which is it? I’m so confused. No wonder I leave the thinking to our pharma reptilian overlords like Lord Draconis and concern myself with simply doing their bidding in return for a cut of that lovely, tasty pharma lucre.

And Adams’ message has a lot of gullible people who believe it, too. For instance, get a load of this comment by someone named Robert S. Redfern, who writes:

The New World Order is really the 4th Reich and it is not just in the USA. It started in Europe and like a cancer it is spreading around the world. Mike Adams is the messenger, who are the warriors?

Here’s a hint, Mr. Redfern: The proper term is “cannon fodder,” not “warriors,” and you are the cannon fodder for people like Mike Adams. He’ll persuade you to abandon scientific medicine, refuse to vaccinate your children, and in general become credulous “sheeple” (to borrow a favorite conspiracy wingnut term) who will do anything that his alt-med masters ask.

Heh. Two can play at Adams’ game. It’s kind of fun, but I have to be careful. This is one case where the slippery slope might be real.