An animal rights zealot faces her comeuppance

I was going to write about that article about massage therapy and the gene expression changes it causes, but when I went to look up the actual paper and found out, to my great disappointment, that our institution still doesn’t have a subscription to the journal in which it was published. So, while I’m waiting for a friend to send me a copy, I can’t help but do a quick and uncharacteristically short posts (for me) discussing a tidbits of information that I found quite heartening. Unfortunately, it involves a person every bit as vile as the antivaccine activists who so hate vaccines that they’re willing to make excuses for the death of a baby that involve claiming that the shaken baby syndrome doesn’t exist and trying to exonerate baby killers by claiming that shaken baby syndrome is due to vaccines.

I’m referring to a woman named Camille Marino, a woman who is every bit as despicable–more so, even–than the most die-hard antivaccinationist pushing the idea that vaccines can replicate the triad of findings in shaken baby syndrome. Remember Camille Marino? She’s the animal rights “activist” in Florida responsible for a website and blog known as Negotiation Is Over, which can best be described as pure crazy on megadoses of steroids. With her spiritual soulmate Steven Best, Marino has created a paean to self-righteously overwrought pontificating sprinkled with the fetishization of violence. To her, threats against children are not considered beyond the pale, nor is justifying it by saying things like:

If daddy makes a living bathing in blood, you have to expect some of it to drip off onto junior.


If you spill blood, your blood should be spilled as well. [W]e’re no longer playing games. We will print your information. And we’ll be at your homes. We’ll be at your work. We’ll be at your country clubs and golf courses. We’ll see you at your manicurist and we’ll be kneeling next to you when you take that next holy communion wafer on Sunday. If I have my way, you’ll be praying to us for mercy.

Last year, Marino was seen targeting undergraduate students as the “soft underbelly of the vivisectionist movement.” Specifically, she and her minion Ghazal Tajalli targeted a bright, enthusiastic, budding young scientist named Alena Rodriguez with a campaign of harassment that so frightened this poor young woman that she ultimately “recanted” her previous support for animal research. Her statement, as I said at the time, reminded me of a Soviet-style “confession” in which a straying comrade must confess her crimes before being offered a chance at “absolution.”

Most recently, Marino started harassing a scientist at Wayne State University named Donal O’Leary, leveling the same nonsensical complaints of “vivisection” against him that she levels against every scientist involved in animal research and doing everything she promises to do against any whom she considers a “vivisector” except for actually spilling blood, although some of her dimmer and more vile fans engaged in snuff fantasies:

But the real fun begins when we rip your teeth out one by one with pliers and pound each one into your skull, via your ear canals, with a hammer and chisel.

We will cut off each ear with a scissors so nothing gets in the way of our fierce pneumatic pounding and the tunnels we are going to carve into your puny, sick brain from both sides of your bastard bald head.

We will hang your torso on steel hooks and rip your skin off in 3 inch wide sheets which we will wrap around your neck and light on fire as we toast some vegan marshmallows and light Cuban cigars to celebrate our special time with you.

Before your first pathetic life is over, as you gurgle with blood-soaked lungs and shiver with death rattles, we will kick your raw, red, bloody stump of a torso, stripped of all your hideous reptilian skin, down ten city blocks to the crossroads of starving dogs and let them devour what little is left of you, pieces of venal flesh flying into the air, until nothing of your evil, greedy, heinous, ugly, sick, sadistic, puke-inducing, utterly worthless, soulless, fuckshit body is left.

And that is only payback for Queenie, one of the beautiful, innocent souls you murdered gratuitously and unconscionably, just as your demented mentors, more sleazy white-coat whores of Big Pharma, trained you to do at the Frankenstein Academy and the Institute of Dr. Moreau.

That’s only a small sampling, to which Marino herself happily and jauntily replied:

Is there any chance I can persuade you to videotape your proposed activism so that we might upload it to NIO for the entire community to enjoy?

I just finished sending off an email to this motherfucker wishing him a slow painful death.

I would be elated to actually watch it come to pass!

Meanwhile, NIO featured posts threatening to make Dr. O’Leary “feel the fear.”

In response to the harassment of Dr. O’Leary, Wayne State actually did something ballsy. First, it banned Marino from its campus with a most amazing letter. You really should read the actual letter itself (here’s page 2). I found it immensely gratifying to read and was glad that Dr. O’Leary’s university actually took a stand. Then, WSU got a court order instructing Marino to take down all the personal information about Dr. O’Leary that she had posted. Not surprisingly, Marino refused.

And over the weekend she was arrested in Florida when she and another woman presented expired drivers’ licenses in response to a request for identification by police officers at an animal rights protest they were attending. Proceedings are under way to extradite her to Michigan. Camille confirmed stories of her arrest on her own blog.

I’m have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, it is clear that Camille Marino is a sociopath who uses and abuses the Internet to threaten, stalk, intimidate, and harass scientists whom she views as being “vivisectionists.” She issues threats and induces her feeble-minded proxies to stalk, threaten, and harass, providing them information about where scientists live, where they work, and who their children are. It is very clear what her intention is, and that’s to do anything and everything she can to frighten and intimidate scientists. On the other hand, as much as I despise the woman, it’s a little concerning how she was arrested, basically for nothing more than having an expired drivers’ license, and how she’s been held. Still, she’s been openly contemptuous not just of science and scientists, but of the law. Now she’s reaping what she herself has sown, having not just disobeyed a lawful court order but having done so openly and defiantly. Whatever quibbles I might have about how she’s been brought to justice or the conflict between the right to free speech versus where limits should be drawn to prevent harassment, threats, and stalking, I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.