Will Stanislaw Burzynski slither away from justice again?

April 11 is a mere five days away.

What’s the significance of April 11? Easy. April 11 is the date when the hearing before the Texas Medical Board to determine whether Stanislaw Burzynski will lose his license to practice medicine in Texas. Dr. Burzynski, as you recall, is the Texas doctor who has somehow managed to continue to treat cancer patients with something he calls antineoplastons, which he claims to have originally discovered in urine. More recently, he had a fawning “documentary” made about him by Eric Merola, an advertiser who now mostly produces infomercials, which is entirely appropriate given that that’s what the Burzynski movie is. It’s a clumsy and poorly produced infomercial, but an infomercial nonetheless. More recently, Burzynski’s been doing what he refers to as “personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy” but what I call “personalized therapy for dummies,” so simplistic are Burzynski’s assumptions and incompetent his attempts at “personalized” therapy. Meanwhile, he’s being sued by a patient who accuses him of using her as a human ATM, and he sends hilariously nutty flaks out to attack bloggers critical of his dubious and unethical medicine, while his patients drop dead, putting the lie to his claims of having found a radical new cancer treatment. In reality, Burzynski gives chemotherapy, and a lot of it, but he gives it incompetently.

This is one of those “good news” – “bad news” stories. I just received notice from Eric Merola, a Director in the Burzynski organization, that the scheduled court hearing with the Texas Medical Board has been cancelled. The FDA knows what it was facing here and chose not to take us on.

He then cites a letter from Eric Merola:

To all our friends and supporters following and praying for us in our travails with the Texas Medical Board.

Based on a ruling by the administrative law judges dismissing the majority of the case against Dr. Burzynski, the Board has sought and obtained permission to adjourn the hearing scheduled to begin on Wednesday, to try to convince the judges to change their minds, and reconsider whether it wants to continue pursuing Dr. Burzynski on these frivolous charges. No new hearing date has been set.

Our profound thanks for your prayers and support, and to our great lawyer, Rick Jaffe. We are even more hopeful that the Board will realize the folly of its actions and let the Burzynski Clinic continue to treat patients in peace.

The Burzynski Clinic

It is hard to say if it was all of our efforts alerting our representatives on this issue after we launched our call-to-action–or if it was merely the Judges in this case simply reviewing the evidence and realizing there simply wasn’t a case–or both… but either way the most important thing is that the trial has been dropped for now!

There’s also an announcement at Merola’s website.

The question is: What’s going on here? I know that the trial has been delayed once already. It was supposed to start in January, and then it was delayed until April 11. It’s well known that Dr. Burzynski is a supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry, having donated substantial sums to his campaign, and that his admirers have been deluging Perry and Texas legislators with letters of complaint.

We’ll have to see if Merola’s announcement is true. If it is, it’s bad news. Will Burzynski slime his way away from justice again? We’ll have to stay tuned. I’m trying to find out.