“Time to throw the switch” open thread

The day is here. Time to throw the switch.

What do I mean? I’ve been mentioning that I wanted to turn on the option that states, “Comment author must have a previously approved comment.” What that means is that any new commenter’s first comment will automatically go to moderation. I’ll approve it (unless it’s spam or I suspect it’s a sockpuppet), and then you’ll be able to comment normally. The reason I want to turn this option on is to make it more difficult for morphing sockpuppets to disrupt the conversation. I’m also tired of so much spam getting through.

Never having used this option before after a blog has been in existence for a while, I don’t rightly know whether those of you who have been commenting all along will suddenly find their first comments after this option is turned on thrown into purgatory, which is why I decided to flip this particular switch on a Saturday. I know that between working on grants and not being in meetings, that I’ll be able to monitor the blog frequently using my computer and the WordPress app for my iPhone and quickly release the comments of my regulars from purgatory. Of course, it’s possible that those of you who have already commented before I flipped the switch will continue to be able to do so without my approving your first comment, which would be a relief for me.

So, regular commenters (and not-so-regular commenters), let’s begin what will hopefully be the last major functional change (other than starting to fix up the appearance of the new blog), and the best way I can think of to do this is to declare this a weekend open thread!