A brief Sunday blog status update

I felt a brief update on the blog status is in order because the National Geographic overlords have actually rolled out some improvements on Friday.

First, the Last 24 Hours feed is reportedly working again, although, quite honestly, when I just checked it it appeared not to be working. The funny thing was, it did appear to be working yesterday. Oh, well.

One good thing that is working is that the tags for the number of comments, Facebook “likes,” Tweets, etc., are showing up on the main page of the blog, as they should. I am much happier about this now.

Unfortunately, still missing in action are variable post preview lengths. I like to be able to control the length of the “above the fold” part of my post, because I use that for dramatic effect. Also missing are direct links to comments, the exception being the links in the side bar to “Recent Comments” (or, as I like to call it, “Recent Insolence Returned”). Also not working yet are some of the system-wide categories. For instance, when I apply the “Medicine” category to my posts, they still don’t show up reliably in the Medicine feed and haven’t since May 28. Meanwhile, the inactive blogs need to be winnowed from the dropdown menu. Hopefully these are among new improvements promised in a week or two.

Finally, yes, I know I still haven’t gotten around to fixing up the look of the new Respectful Insolence as much as is allowed within the confines of the new template, but I plan on it. Really, I do.