Best retort ever?

I have to hand it to Autismum. Remember the Open Letter to Kerri Rivera she wrote, the one criticizing her for using bleach (Miracle Mineral Solution, often referred to as MMS) to try to “cure” autism? I referred to it yesterday when I pointed out how the pro-MMS apologists were striking back at their critics. Well, it turns out that pro-MMS apologists have also swarmed like flying monkeys into the comments of Autismum’s open letter. Autismum, however, seems quite capable of handling them. I’ll show you what I mean. Here’s a comment from someone named Autumn. It’s basically a testimonial:

My son is doing great on MMS after just two weeks. We run a Son-Rise Program, where we embrace our child’s autism and challenges and find ways to connect through play. My son Liam has made great strides in this program the past year and a half, but there is a noticeable difference in his attention span ability the last week. He is watching my mouth form words now, not bouncing off the walls as much as he had been before. He has had yeast issues, many food sensitivities and we are on strict diets. Yet he would have stomach aches and gas pains are almost daily. These have disappeared with using MMS (small dosage, working up each day to a max dose of only 9 activated drops throughout 12 hrs). He has had absolutely NO negative side effects. He is hugging me, chasing his sister around more. I researched MMS thoroughly, all the arguments against also, before I began because I would never want to harm my child to overcome autism (hence, why we chose a very child-directed approach for therapy also in the first place). I don’t plan on subjecting him to an enema unless he understood and allowed me to because he is only three and I want to keep his trust. I will follow the other protocols and Kerri Rivera has been nothing but helpful to me in my search to help restore my child’s health. I totally believe autism is an immune-disorder and until we have an open mind to consider immune-therapies like MMS offers, we won’t know what can help these children. 1 in 88! Come on, we have to take this epidemic serious and listen to the innovations that rise from intelligent, caring people. Please do more research before you discredit something. IT IS WORKING, THE CHILDREN ARE GETTING BETTER. That evidence will not go away.

To which Autismum replied:

Your son sounds adorable. Please stop feeding him bleach.

Now, there’s some Insolence! I tip my hat to Autismum. Oh, wait. I’m a Plexiglass box full of multicolored blinking lights. I don’t have a hat to tip. Never mind.

Be that as it may, the rest of Autismum’s reply is worth quoting:

MMS creator, Jim Humble is a charlatan and has started a church based around this wretched stuff. Further, just because you ” totally believe autism is an immune-disorder” doesn’t make it so. Even if it were how would MMS help that? There’s a huge flaw in your rationale right there.

As for autism being an epidemic can you not see that this term is being bandied about to frighten people out of making good choices for their children’s health? This is recruitment to a fringe idea to suck you in and get you to part with your hard earned cash on stuff like MMS.

You contend that, “we have to take this epidemic serious and listen to the innovations that rise from intelligent, caring people” perhaps so but if you think a woman who encourages child abuse is “caring” then we have very different ideas of what that word means.

You tell ’em!

Even though Autismum seems pretty capable of handling the influx of pro-MMS flying monkeys, it wouldn’t hurt if some of you, my readers, flew over there to lend a bit of tactical air support. I know from first hand experience that such an infestation can be quite annoying and isolating without a contingent of pro-science bloggers and commenters who have your back. Tell ’em Orac sent you.