Will the autism “biomed” underground ever renounce using bleach to treat autism?

I know, I know, I’ve been writing about MMS a lot. Don’t worry. Barring some unforeseen development, this will probably be the last one for a while. However, I just had to comment again because this is just too funny (not to mention that I didn’t have a lot of time last night because, yes, I had to work on a grant application). Remember how I mentioned the pro-MMS petition in which Jim Humble, the man who had the revelation that you can bleach away whatever disease you’re suffering from, demanded that Emily Willingham (who did a Change.org petition demanding that Kerri Rivera stop treating autism with bleach enemas) stop calling MMS bleach, even though that’s one of the main things that the chemical in MMS is used for.

Now, the amusing thing is that Jim Humble’s petition to tell Emily to stop calling MMS bleach has only reached 47 of its target of 1,000,000. (Hint to Mr. Humble: Realistic targets are a good idea. They make you look somewhat less pathetic.) But what’s even funnier that I forgot to mention is that some of the comments are clearly…well, let’s just put it this way: They’re not friends of Humble’s cause. For instance, there’s a commenter and signer who calls himself Credulous Nimrod, and he explains why he supports MMS:

Just because this is exactly the same chemical as bleach doesn’t mean Emily should call it bleach! This is because of reasons. And quantum mechanics. And I trust that Jim Humble would never lie to desperate parents just because he’s selling this product for a profit! Enough of the medical establishment and their “science” and their “first, do no harm.” We want pointless feel-good actions that take advantage of our sadness and our scientific illiteracy!

And a guy named Igor K.:

Stop the fearmongering. Just because sodium chlorite bleaches through oxidation and is grouped with other chlorine bleaches that operate in a similar fashion (i.e. chlorine dioxide, chlorine, and calcium hypochlorite) does not make it a bleach. That its industrial manufacturers label it as such also means nothing. I regularly drink inappropriately named acidic drain cleaners to relieve constipation. That the public health agencies all over the world recognize MMS’ risks as poisoning, renal failure, reduction of the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. To prove it, I volunteer myself along with everyone to sign this petition for a public demonstration where each person will consume a gallon of undiluted sodium chlorite without any deleterious health effects. Then, they will have to accept it as evidence of our correctness.

Then there’s Darius Xym:

I’m signing this petition because I just walked into a wall and I feel a bit confused. In my temporarily impaired state I think it’s a fabulous idea to administer concentrated industrial bleach to the rectums of vulnerable children to cure a brain disorder. It all makes perfect sense and anyone who thinks it is all criminally irresponsible and dangerous quackery promoted by one of the most vile hucksters should try walking into a wall themselves to see if alters their opinion.

I think I’ll pass on Darius’ advice. I do, however, think it’s safe to say that only the fringe of the fringe of the fringe of the antivaccine fringe thinks it’s a good idea to feed their autistic children bleach or, worse yet, administer bleach enemas to them, as Kerri Rivera advocates.

The question I have now is: Will Generation Rescue, Age of Autism, and all the other sponsors of the Autism One quackfest finally disavow Kerri Rivera and her bleach enema therapy? I would be shocked if they did. In the autism “biomed” underground, there is no quackery too quacky or too vile that someone, somewhere isn’t subjecting her autistic child to it. At most, what will happen, as has been pointed out, is that Rivera won’t be invited back to Autism One next year and discussion of MMS will be muted because of the embarrassment of the less reality-challenged members of the autism “biomed” underground.

And then someone else with quackery just as outrageous will speak at Autism One next year. Count on it. On the other hand, I could be wrong about that. After all Mark and David Geier keep getting invited back to Autism One year after year, and they advocate what is, in essence, chemical castration of autistic children. If advocating chemical castration won’t get you disinvited from future Autism One conferences, my guess is that advocating bleach enemas will be no problem.