A brief blog update

I just thought I’d give a brief update on the transition to the new blog platform. After nearly a month, things have finally settled down, although I’m still bugging the powers that be about some of the problems that still exist. One thing I have noticed over the last day is that one of our “favorite” trolls has been trying to crash the party. Thanks to my turning on the setting “Comment author must have a previously approved comment,” sockpuppet activity is way down because every time someone invents a new sockpuppet I have to approve it.

And, of course, I don’t approve sockpuppet comments; I send them to spam.

Indeed, one of our “favorite” morphing trolls has been rather amusingly trying to break through. So far, he’s failed. No doubt at some point he’ll figure out a fake identity or spoofed e-mail address, combined with restraining his loonier language to the point that that I don’t catch one of his comments, but for now it’s been blissfully silent. Instead of his getting through and my having to recognize and delete his posts, now he never gets through in the first place. You know, if the powers that be finally fixe the remaining niggling problems with this WordPress setup, I might actually start to like it here better than the old setup.

Now if only they’d redesign the template. The current one is kind of ugly. I guess it’s always something.