An inflated view of one's importance

Something came up that made me think it would be a good idea to mention a couple of features of the new WordPress template, just in case anyone missed them when I mentioned them before. I apologize to any who might find this repetitive, but there do appear to be some newbies here; so I think it’s worth a quick repeat.

A commenter who borders on trollish wrote:

One thing I forgot. I wanted to congratulate you and the team for closing ‘Evolution and Medicine’ just when you did, leaving the impression that I am EXTREMELY dangerous. Well, I’m not in the least little bit dangerous, but it’s perceptions that count and being seen as HORRIFICALLY dangerous suits my current ambitions as only then will the global community sit up and take notice. I am currently contemplating emailing MI5, CIA, ASIO etc. to let them enjoy your blogs, depending on how things pan out.

Mr. Hill is referring to this post on medicine and evolution.

Let me just assure Mr. Hill that I do not consider him the least bit “dangerous.” Annoying? Sure. Persistent. Yes. Trollish? Definitely. Dangerous? No. What happened has nothing to do with Mr. Hill’s “dangerousness” or lack thereof. It’s simply a feature of the new setup that allows me to set a time after which comments for a post automatically close. In the case of this blog, I set that time to 90 days, which in the vast majority of cases is more than enough time for legitimate discussion. After 90 days, the vast majority of comments tend to be comment spam or necromancers resurrecting dead threads. Mr. Hill clearly has an inflated view of his own importance.

The second thing that I think to be worth mentioning is another useful feature that new commenters will encounter that a reader wrote to me to ask about. All first time commenters will see their comments go to moderation. Once I approve the comment, the new commenter will be able to comment freely without moderation (unless, of course, he somehow trips up a spam filter). The reason for my having activated this feature, once again, is to cut down on sock puppets and morphing trolls, and it’s worked spectacularly—even better than I had hoped. There are currently at least three regular trolls who kept throwing up sock puppets to annoy us all on the old Movable Type version of the blog who from time to time try to get comments posted here and get shot down every time. I’m sure that sooner or later one of them will manage to get a comment through, but thus far it’s been a lovely thing not to have them around to irritate legitimate commenters. Long may it continue.