Off to TAM…or the Vegas in July open thread

Here we go again…

Yes, I’m off to The Amazing Meeting, a.k.a. TAM, where I’ll commune with a bunch of fellow skeptics, help do a workshop on science-based medicine, and participate in a panel discussion of so-called “complementary and alternative medicine.” Things have been so crazy the last couple of weeks that it turns out that I don’t have my talk completely finished, which means I’ll be doing what I frequently do for talks, scientific, skeptical, or otherwise: Putting the finishing touches on it during the flight there. Good thing it’s a four hour flight.

To those of you who are going, hopefully I’ll see you (or most of you) there, and maybe hoist a brew. For those who aren’t going, well, it’s not so bad. True, you’ll miss out on all that skeptic-y science goodness (not to mention the drunken arguments about various skeptical topics), but at least you can console yourself by remembering that you’re not in Las Vegas in July, whose climate this time of year can best be described as “blast furnace.” No, Orac is unlikely to be spending much time outside, although he might manage to hit the strip.

While I’m flying to Vegas today, I can’t help but note that there is an extreme disturbance in the antivaccine crankosphere. Yesterday, there was a meeting of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), and the antivaccine cranks were there in force (well, as much force as they can manage), and now they’re ranting and making “demands” and complaining about the new members of the panel. Same as it ever was. On the other hand, I might just blog about this because it’s so emblematic. Perhaps the most amusing thing is the appearance of the Canary Party in bright yellow T-shirts with brain-meltingly unscientific slogans on them. They really don’t realize how ridiculous they looked.

And if that’s not as good a place as I can think of as a jumping off point for a pre-TAM open thread, I’ll have to post something better during TAM.