Eight years

As I mentioned yesterday, Orac is currently away at an undisclosed location that is someplace warm. He is there, taking a rare pre-solstice break, preparing for the Mayan apocalypse that is to come on the 21st of this month. (Actually, he’s recharging his Tarial cell, the better to be prepared for the utter nonsense that is to come in 2013, given that there is, at the very minimum, going to be another Stanislaw Burzynski hagiography released early in the year.) In the meantime, as I mentioned yesterday, most, if not all, of the posts this week will appear…familiar. At least, they might be familiar to longtime readers. They should be new to you newbies, which is why you should check back here every day as usual. In fact, you long time readers should do the same, in case I slip something in on a rainy day (of which, hopefully, there will be none).

In the meantime, it occurs to me that today is Orac’s blogiversary. Yes, indeed, eight years ago today the awesomeness that is this blog was born, as I sat down and, on a whim one cold gray December Saturday and decided that I might try my hand at this whole blogging thing. The timing is good this year, because it means that, with a mere 300 or so words of blather, I can produce an easy post to introduce an eight year blogiversary open thread. Have at it! I will see your comments later, as, even on vacation I can’t resist taking a peak at what my readers are up to while I’m gone. (Oh, and you Burzynski trolls, I have a special present lined up for you tomorrow.)

Thank you all for reading and commenting, particularly commenting. I couldn’t possible both write these epic screeds and dive into the comments when the antivaccine, proquackery, and antiscience trolls decide to infest a comment thread. You have my back, which allows me to concentrate on writing, and for that I thank you. In fact, I’d be very interested in knowing if any of my original readers are still following? Is there anyone out there who has been reading since the beginning or shortly thereafter (say, since 2005)? Time to stand up and be counted!