Antivaccine quackery: You be Orac today!

Some antivaccine (and quack, but I repeat myself) tropes come up time and time again, and I’ve blogged about them time and time again. Obviously, at times this can get a bit repetitive, particularly when I’ve been blogging nearly every day for eight years. On the other hand, even after eight years, I still regularly come across new variants (almost always mixed with the old, naturally) of common quack and antivaccine (but I repeat myself again) tropes. After having written about such topics so many times over so many years, I sometimes wonder if I’m getting through to my readers. So I decided to use the “opportunity” of my having been out Christmas shopping last night to provide a short test of your knowledge and skill over a particularly common variety of antivaccine quackery (but I repeat myself a third time). Yes, I know. You’re asking yourself just what on earth a clear Plexiglass box of multicolored blinking lights could be doing Christmas shopping or for whom it would be buying gifts, but that’s none of your business. Let’s just say there’ll be a nice little surprise waiting under Servalan‘s tree next Tuesday.

In any case, having been exhausted by a long day of contemplating black holes, I’ll make this a short one. I will provide the link. You will provide the deconstruction. The link comes from none other than a competitor for the most wretched hive of scum and quackery on the entire Internet, Mike Adams’ The post is written by one of his drones, S. D. Wells, (real name: Sean David Cohen) and is entitled ‘Preservative-free’ vaccines and flu shots still contain deadly toxins. It is full of so many classic antivaccine canards and pure, unadulterated stupidity that I am sure you will have no trouble at all tearing it into little shreds, leaving nothing but a puff of dust where once a paean to antivaccine quackery stood.

I’ll be back tomorrow.