Colorado PBS has become a wretched hive of scum and quackery (CPT responds to criticism)

That didn’t take long.

Earlier today I wrote about how Colorado Public TV (channel 12) has betrayed its public trust by airing movies promoting quackery and/or pseudoscience. The most recent example is its upcoming airing of the first Burzynski movie, a propaganda piece so blatantly one-sided and full of cherry picked information and conspiracy mongering that it’s painful for anyone with two neurons to rub together to watch.

Well, Colorado PBS, Channel 12 has responded (click to embiggen):


Indeed. Colorado PBS must have incredible contempt for its viewers to think that such a transparent bit of self-serving PR-speak that is so at odds with the obvious reality would fly. The bottom line is that CPT is using a movie promoting an unproven cancer cure to raise money for its pledge drive. It is also featuring the film’s producer and a PR flack representing the subject of the film, all the while posting a “poll” whose very premise is false. (Oncologists are already trying to research less toxic therapies and have been for decades, while Burzynski’s antineoplastons are anything but “nontoxic.”) Then, when criticized, a PR flack for the station tries to feed critics a line of bull about being “neutral” and “telling both sides,” when the film certainly doesn’t do anything of the sort and CPT’s own actions belie its claim to be “neutral.”

Disagreement I can handle; contempt for my intelligence kind of ticks me off. If you used to support Colorado Public TV, Channel 12, tell them you’re not giving them money this year and tell them why. The answer to my previous question (Has Colorado PBS become a wretched hive of scum and quackery?) has been answered.