No matter how often I read about treatments like this, I still can’t believe parents actually subject their children to them

It’s been a while since I’ve written about MMS. You remember MMS, don’t you? It’s an abbreviation for “miracle mineral solution,” a solution first promoted by a man who is inaptly named Jim Humble. Basically, as I’ve described in multiple blog posts, MMS is bleach, specifically chlorine dioxide (ClO2). I first became acutely aware of it a little more than a year ago, when I noticed that the antivaccine autism biomed quackfest known as Autism One featured a talk by a woman named Kerri Rivera, who advocated using MMS to “bleach autism away,” as I put it at the time. Of course, Jim Humble doesn’t limit his use of MMS to just autism, but, like all good cranks, touts it as a near universal cure-all that is good for just about anything that ails you. So what’s so bad about using it for autism?

What caught my eye (and horrified me to think about it) was that Kerri Rivera was advocating the use of MMS enemas to treat autism. Yes, Kerri Rivera advocated subjecting autistic children to bleach enemas and has made videos touting this as a biomedical treatment for autism. As I noted back then, even worse (if that were possible), Rivera advocated “fever therapy” and characterized fevers after bleach enemas to be a good thing, a sign that the treatment is “working,” much as Jim Humble gives MMS to treat adults in increasing doses until they start to feel ill. (Personally, as a physician, I would be very concerned at a child becoming febrile after having ingested bleach or had it shot up his rectum. Not Kerri Rivera, apparently.) Indeed, Rivera even exults about how much she loves “fever therapy” and how it “wakes up the immune system.” In addition to the bleach enemas, she recommends a “72-2″ protocol that involves making children drink dilute bleach every two hours for 72 hours.

If there’s one thing that Kerri Rivera appears to do that deceives parents (besides the rather obvious claim she makes that ingesting bleach or making enemas out of it will do anything but risk potential poisoning and injury to the rectum and the lining of the colon) is the claim that MMS eliminates “parasites.” Much as advocates of “colon cleanses” claim that what’s coming out represents years of accumulated waste that’s making you sick or, even more appropriately, as advocates of “liver flushes” try to convince their unwitting marks that the little lumps of saponified oil that come through the stool due to the cleanse are in actuality gallstones being “flushed” out of the liver. advocates of bleach enemas, it would appear, claim that what comes out in the stool are “parasites” and “worms.” I learned this from a particularly horrifying blog I came across a while back, thanks to a reader, known as A Drop At a Time: The CD Journey of a Child With Autism (the “CD” part stands for chlorine dioxide). It’s the story of a mother subjecting her child to MMS treatments, including both oral ingestion of MMS and MMS enemas.

The introduction sets the background. The boy’s name is Jojo, who is now nearly eleven. He was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old, and his mother has been subjecting him to “autism biomed” interventions since December 2005, beginning because, as she put it, “I decided to give it a go because my mother’s instinct told me that Jojo suffers from egregious tummy problems.”

Yes, the dreaded “mommy instinct” strikes again.

So apparently Jojo underwent a wide variety of “autism biomed” woo over the last seven or eight years, but in March 2013 the “biomed” treatment took a turn to the terrifying when Jojo’s mother discovered MMS and began to follow Kerri Rivera’s MMS protocol:

Jojo is given 1 oz of the mixture hourly, so effectively he is getting 1/8th of a drop each time. His first dose was given after school at 1 pm. He is now given 8 doses only although my reading tells me that it is a minimum. I suppose I could increase up to 9-12 doses a day but I’m kinda leery of the possible increase in die-off effects too.

As well she should have been leery, but apparently not leery enough not to undertake biomedical quackery. Even as early as day 1, she noted Jojo running a low grade fever and coughing, which, of course, could simply have been a coincidence. Similarly, she also noted JoJo to have increased hyperactivity, which could very easily have been due to confirmation bias. By day 2, Jojo continued to have fever, and his cough got worse. Somehow, his mother came to believe that “coughing after taking MMS could be due to parasites in the lung dying,” as incredible as it might be that anyone would believe something like that. Later entries describe Jojo developing constipation, and, when that resolved, his mother thinking that parasites were coming out in his stool. It is a theme that continues through the rest of the blog, as Jojo develops diarrhea, languidness, and flareups of his chronic eczema (blamed on parasites, of course).

Finally, Jojo’s mother decides that he needs to have MMS enemas after having had a text message exchange with Kerri Rivera. Jojo’s mother tells Rivera that he is constipated, and Rivera responds:

Do an enema. There is probably a worm in his intestine. And give more MMS doses orally if he is awake. More MMS now, please.

So Jojo’s mother did just that and administered the first enema on day 7.

So what happened? Well, here’s what I meant by comparing the claims of someone like Kerri Rivera to those of “liver flush” quacks. The very first example of this can be found in an entry called Worm. Here’s where the gross pictures begin. Now take a look at that link and the picture contained therein. It’s basically a stringy bit of something that looks a little bit like a worm. Jojo’s mom asked her mom buddies on the MMS Facebook group, all of whom were “pretty sure” it was a worm. It’s not. Any surgeon or doctor who deals with GI problems will recognize it as a bit of mucus, possibly with a bit of colon mucosa (the lining of the colon). We see this sort of thing all the time, and it’s definitely not a worm.

Over the month of April and into May, Jojo’s mother treats her blog to regular photos of things like this. For instance, in this post, she spreads a bunch of nasty stuff out and photographs it. Kerri Rivera, we are told, has informed her that this stuff is “worm INTESTINES. The outer skin is already digested and the inside (intestines etc) disintegrates like this.” No, it’s just more mucus mixed with colonic mucosa. Disturbingly to me as a surgeon, it looks like a fairly decent-sized chunk of colonic mucosa with mucus. I can’t say for sure how large it is because Jojo’s mom was, unfortunately, not kind enough to provide a ruler next to it. Oddly enough, the lower picture shows more mucus, and Jojo’s mother correctly labels it as such. Then, right after that, we’re treated to more pictures of mucus and sloughed colon mucosa, which Rivera characterizes once again as ” the intestines of the worm, the outer ‘skin’ having already been digested.”

Later on in the protocol, Jojo’s mother tells us:

It’s been a while since I wrote in this blog but I have been so busy. I have been poop-diving for quite a while now, started about a week before April’s Parasite Protocol. Getting to be more confident about differentiating between biofilm (translucent, clear, film-like gel), mucus (breaks up in water) and worm pieces (looks like layers of opaque tissue, when lifted with work it intertwines around itself like a rope).

Kerri says that the outer skin of the worm is usually totally digested by the time these worms are expelled and what we see, that rope-like, intertwined tissue are its intestines, the insides of the worm.

Later still, because the “worms” are still coming out, Rivera tells Jojo’s mom that she needs to treat her son not only with bleach but with Mebendazole, a drug used to treat worms, such as pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms. The new protocol included:

With the parasite protocol, one will have more to keep track of:

  • Mebendazole / Combantrin
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) + Rompepiedras (RP)
  • Castor Oil
  • Neem

All the above are given in different combinations on different days, no real pattern to it so one has to be on the ball enough to know what is given on which days of the Parasite Protocol from Days 1 – 18. From Day 18 onwards it’s just the DE and the RP.

I have to say that I have seen a lot of worms only after starting the Parasite Protocol. So what I read about Andreas Kalcker saying that CD (read: MMS) alone will not kill the parasites and that mebendazole is required must be true. Whilst it does happen ~ parasites being killed by CD alone, best results are achieved with the Rivera CD protocol done in conjunction with the Kalcker Parasite Protocol.

Remember what I said about the liver flushes above? Basically, liver flushes involve taking Epsom salts, olive oil, and fruit juices, such as apple juice or lemon juice. As I pointed out before, these “gallstones” are nothing more than saponified oils, thanks to the acids from the juice and the salt from the Epsom salts or phosphate salts often used in these protocols. Similarly, what I suspect to be going on here is that the castor oil and neem (which is an oil as well), mixed with the diatomaceous earth, combine in much the same way that the Epsom salts, oils, and acid from the juices do in liver flushes, the difference being that, because the mixture probably doesn’t saponify in the same way. However, clearly, when enemas are added, what comes out, instead of looking like little stones, looks like the pictures we see.

Reading this blog depressed me to no end, just as reading Kent Heckenlively’s account of taking his daughter to a quack clinic in Costa Rica to have dubious “stem cells” injected into her cerebrospinal fluid through lumbar puncture. Autistic children, who should be able to look to their parents for protection, are being subjected to harmful quackery. Now, the MMS enemas are probably not quite as bad as injecting cells of dubious origin that are almost certainly not the stem cells they are advertised to be, but it’s plenty bad. On the other hand, children subjected to stem cell quackery are only usually injected once or occasionally, as it’s too expensive to do it more frequently. Jojo’s mother subjected him to bleach enemas every day, multiple times a day sometimes.

The horror boggles the mind.